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Douglas McNabb is a seasoned practitioner with over 40 years of experience and regarded as one of the leaders in his field. He has been rated among the top 5% of all lawyers in his field by the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Since the 1990’s he has been consistently awarded AV Preeminent status with a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating.

In addition to his practice, McNabb is a widely sought-after thought leader in his field, as the author of dozens of publications, guest lecturer and expert witness, and frequent commentator in leading international broadcast and print news publications.

McNabb also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law where he teaches courses in International Criminal Law, International Comparative Law, US Federal White Collar Criminal Law, and International Comparative Legal Systems.


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Douglas McNabb is a leading expert, having been quoted in or appeared on over 160 global print and broadcast media outlets around the world, including among others BBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Sunday Times of London, New York Times, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and The Associated Press.


ABC News (U.S.-New York)

  • 03/12/06- JonBenet Burning Questions

The Analyst (Liberia)

  • 08/30/06- Liberia: U.S. Firm Condemns Taylor's Lawyers

Associated Press

  • 04/27/01-Victims get some satisfaction from admissions, pending trial

  • 01/20/02- Omega Trust founder sentenced

  • 09/22/04- Military Judge Recommends Court-Marital for Pfc. Lynndie England

  • 09/24/04- Angleton still could be tried for wife's murder

  • 09/27/04- Judge Recommends Abu Ghraib Court-Martial

  • 11/28/04- First trial related to smuggling deaths to begin

  • 11/28/04- Human smuggling trial to start today

  • 11/29/04- First smuggling deaths trial scheduled to begin

  • 12/21/04- Smuggling trial jury to resume deliberations Wednesday

  • 12/21/04- Smuggling trial jury still deliberating

  • 12/22/04- Two Men Continue Awaiting Fate In Smuggling Trial

  • 12/24/04- Testimony of boy's death stood out in smuggling trial

  • 12/25/04- Child's smuggling death resonates

  • 01/04/05- Appeals court delay puts smuggling deaths trial on hold

  • 01/24/05- Smuggling deaths trial delayed again

  • 01/25/05- Judge in smuggling deaths case delays trial again

  • 02/07/05- Jury selection delayed in smuggling deaths trial

  • 02/17/05- Three in smuggling deaths case denied bond

  • 02/18/05- Alleged smuggling ringleader again tries to take back guilty plea

  • 02/22/05- Jury selection begins in smuggling deaths trial

  • 03/08/05- Opening statements set for smuggling deaths trial

  • 03/22/05- Jury deliberations in immigrant smuggling deaths drag into 2nd day (1st Edition)

  • 03/22/05- Jury deliberations in immigrant smuggling deaths drag into 2nd day (2nd Edition)

  • 03/22/05- Jury deliberations in immigrant smuggling deaths drag into 2nd day (3rd Edition)

  • 04/11/05- Government asks to retry driver in smuggling attempt

  • 05/11/05- Prosecutors want truck driver retried on all charges

  • 07/15/05- Law Being Used Against Businessmen

  • 07/17/05- U.S. Uses Law to Nab British Businessmen

  • 07/19/05- British extradition law casts wide net for the US

  • 08/14/05- Experts: Prosecution's corruption case stronger in Vegas

  • 10/25/05- How soon might fugitive Frederick Russell be extradited?

  • 10/26/05- Russell extradition fight may take years

  • 01/18/06- Jury selection to begin in smuggling deaths

  • 01/18/06- Jury selection to begin in smuggling deaths (part 2)

  • 01/18/06- Jury selection to begin in smuggling deaths (part 3)

  • 02/07/06- Jurors resume deliberations in smuggling deaths

  • 05/06/06- Lawyer: Malone can't get fair trial in Las Vegas

  • 06/27/06- European Court of Human Rights won't halt extradition

  • 06/28/06- British bankers cleared for U.S.

  • 07/10/06- British bankers in Enron case to be extradited

  • 10/02/06- Retrial of truck driver in deadly smuggling case to begin

  • 12/05/06- Truck driver convicted for deaths in smuggling case

  • 01/17/07- Jury considers death penalty for driver convicted...

  • 01/18/07- Driver gets life for smuggling deaths

  • 01/18/07- Truck driver given life in prison for fatal smuggling deaths

  • 07/29/08- Boston cops recover SUV allegedly used in Sunday kidnap; driver interviewed

The Australian (Australia)

  • 06/13/05- Inquiry may drive Patel underground

  • 04/11/06- Bandido suspect in minister's hands

Austin American-Statesman (U.S.-Texas)

  • 09/27/00- Telemarketer sentenced to 14 years for fraud; Austin man convicted

  • 06/05/05- A discarded letter cracks international case

Baltimore Sun (U.S.-Maryland)

  • 03/12/06- Suspect in 2005 homicide flees to northern Mexico

  • 04/21/07- Counterfeit postage leads to 2 1/2 -year term

Birmingham News (U.S.-Alabama)

  • 06/14/05- Aruba officials release two security guards Two guards cleared in Holloway case Attorney for one says three other suspects lied about Holloway

Bloomberg.com (U.S.-New York)

  • 09/27/06- Former Comverse Chief Alexander Arrested in Namibia

  • 10/04/06- Ex-CEO released on bail in Namibia

Boston Globe (U.S.-Massachusetts)

  • 02/12/06- To protect and serve the world

Boston Herald (U.S.-Massachusetts)

  • 07/19/05- Villains face the music

  • 02/10/06- Extradition process could take years

Brisbane Courier Mail (Australia)

  • 06/12/05- Patel could go to ground as Morris shows his hand

  • 12/3/05- Why this man should come back

Canadian Press (Canada)

  • 09/29/04- Lynndie England 'easily led', military judge finds Soldier charged in connection with abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

  • 08/19/05- Long battle expected for Black

  • 08/20/05- Will Black face charges next?

  • 08/20/05- Black could put up fight

  • 08/20/05- Black to the wall Mogul won't go down without a fight

  • 08/25/05- Long legal battle expected if U.S. authorities lay charges, extradite Black

  • 03/10/07- Black retools his image, professes innocence ahead of fraud trial in Chicago

  • 03/13/07- Court braces for horde of reporters as Conrad Black jury selection begins

  • 04/5/07- Conrad Black's attempts to control image may further galvanize prosecutors

  • 04/8/07- Four new witnesses to testify at Black trial as U.S. steers talk back to fees

  • 07/1/07- Black's lack of Cdn citizenship could keep him out of 'Club Fed' if convicted

  • 07/2/07- Black may be hurt by giving up his citizenship

  • 12/2/07- Black unlikely to head to jail right after sentencing, experts say

Centre Daily Times(U.S.-Pennsylvania)

  • 8/21/09- CHARGES: Experts say man who fled to Egypt likely won’t return to U.S. Rape suspect still at large

The Champion (U.S.-National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers)

  • Mar 2006- Of Bugs, The President, And The NSA

Chicago Tribune (U.S.-Illinois)

  • 06/13/02- Jury tells Andersen judge of deadlock; Ordered to stick with deliberations

  • 06/16/02- Jury finds Andersen guilty; Auditor convicted of obstructing U.S. investigation of Enron failure; Firm says verdict 'effectively ends' its core practice

  • 06/17/02- Enron probe moves on to new targets; Andersen trial just '1 piece' of inquiry

  • 10/09/03- Court to hear Andersen appeal; Errors alleged in instructions to jury, evidence

  • 10/10/03- Andersen appeal keys on definition; Firm says judge made conviction too easy for jury

  • 02/20/04- Delay, discredit key to defense; Skilling will want change in venue

  • 04/08/04- Lea Fastow pulls plea, faces tax-evasion trial; Judge scuttles deal for ex-Enron figure

  • 08/14/07-Cops announce confession in Chicago doctor's slaying

  • 08/27/07-Why Won't James Ujaama, US Citizen, Testify Against Abu Hamza?

  • 08/28/07-France asked again to extradite suspect

  • 08/15/07-Cops announce confession in Chicago doctor's slaying

Cincinnati Enquirer (U.S.-Ohio)

  • 03/17/05- Feds raid maker of Enzyte

CNN/Money (United States)

  • 06/23/04- Suits on the lam; Corporate chiefs wanted by the law can run, but can they hide?

CNN/World (Europe)

  • 12/02/10- Britain asks Sweden for more details on Assange allegations

CNSNews.com (U.S.-Virginia)

  • 04/28/06- UK Gov't May Stop Citizen-Initiated War Crimes Cases

Czech News Agency (Czech Republic)

  • 01/17/06- US expert says USA will not take over Czech file on Kozeny


  • 03/11/06- Turn in Kozeny case, allegedly new accusations


Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

  • 09/30/04- Bankers could face 35 years in US jail

Daily Record (Scotland)


Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom)

  • 09/30/04- Extradition three 'won't get a fair trial in US'

  • 07/6/06- Three face total lockdown in a wire cage

  • 07/10/06- 11th-hour plea in battle of NatWest Three

  • 07/10/06- Houston cage to house the handcuffed bankers

  • 07/14/06- With hands and feet in chains, they are led into US court

  • 07/15/06- Texas court bails the NatWest Three

The Dallas Morning News (U.S.-Texas)

  • 05/19/01- More missing evidence alleged; Nichols' attorney: FBI hid documents

DealBreaker.com (U.S.-New York)

  • 08/24/06- Sri Lanka: Probably Not Such A Good Place to Be A Fugitive

  • 08/25/06- How Not To Get Extradited

  • 09/27/06- You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide

  • 10/20/06- NFW! Wesley Snipes Is In Kobi Alexander Land!

Denver Post (U.S.-Colorado)

  • 06/07/05- KHOW 630-AM talk-show host Peter Boyles Monday broadened the discussion of what's to become of accused cop killer Raul Garcia-Gomez now that he's been caught in Mexico.

  • 01/08/06- Nacchio could point to board's actions

Digital Journal (Canada)

  • 09/07/07- New Noriega appeal could delay extradition for months.

The European Lawyer (United Kingdom)

  • Oct. 2005- And The Glove Came Off

  • Feb. 2006-Suitable Degrees Of Separation

Evening Standard News (United Kingdom)

  • 09/29/04- Bank trio's prosecutors 'manipulating system'

  • 02/28/05- If this is a law to combat terrorists, why are they targeting City bankers?

  • 07/12/06-6ft by 13ft jail cell that the NatWestThree will call home

Executive Legal Adviser (United States)

  • 10/3/05- Innocents Abroad

  • Sept./Oct.2006-Overseas Clients and Copyright Confusion

Express (United Kingdom)

  • 07/13/06- 'Harsh' prison awaits

The Freeport News (Bahama)

  • 11/20/06- Extradition in question

Financial Times (United Kingdom)

  • 07/09/03- UK should not bow low to the US

  • 09/28/04- Detention of American citizen nothing short of a breach in the US government

  • 10/14/04- Fairness at issue in Texas trial

  • 09/19/05- The pros and cons of fleeing the country STREET TALK

  • 11/21/05- Conrad Black

  • 06/28/06- Business circles angry at refusal of US to ratify deal

  • 07/15/06- NatWest Three escape heat as deal on bail takes shape

  • 07/16/06- NatWest Three receive financial backing

  • 08/18/06- Interpol brought in to trace missing Comverse chief Changes to US-Israeli extradition treaty due to the 'war on terror' could lessen the chances of escaping the law

Fitchburg Sentinel (U.S.-Massachusetts)

  • 01/27/07- District Attorney begins extradition of local murder suspect

Forbes Magazine (U.S.)

  • 09/30/11- US fugitive wants to serve time in Portugal

The Forward (U.S.-New York)

  • 07/28/06- Victims Press Brooklyn D.A. To Seek Abuse Suspect's Extradition From Israel

Global News Wire (United Kingdom)


Guardian Unlimited (United Kingdom)

  • 07/14/06-NatWest Three to ask for bail

  • 08/25/07-US names 10 BA executives who may be extradited for price-fixing

  • 11/29/07-Natwest three campaign rolls on despite plea

  • 02/22/08-NatWest Three jailed

Harrisonburg Daily News Record (U.S.-Virginia)

  • 11/14/08- Cockfight Ring Owner Sentenced

  • 11/20/08- Third Man Sentenced In Cockfighting Case

The Herald Sun (Australia)

  • 09/23/04- Accused jail abuser faces court martial From correspondents in Fort Bragg, North Carolina

The Herald Tribune (U.S.-Florida)

  • 01/11/08- Authorities say ex-manager of nightclub fled

Houston Chronicle (U.S.-Texas)

  • 10/16/92- Ex-LeBaron cultist admits two slayings

  • 01/07/93- Feds seeking death penalty against alleged drug kingpin

  • 06/16/93- Inmate offers to testify if execution is blocked

  • 06/19/93- Condemned man's testimony may merit stay of execution

  • 06/24/93- A bad day in court; Judge won't halt execution; Lawyers want Duff-Smith at his co-defendant's trial

  • 06/25/93- Death row inmate takes stand but hinges testimony on deal

  • 11/25/93- Ex-cult member gets 5 years for 2 murders

  • 04/01/94- Ex-NASA officer pleads guilty in bribe case

  • 03/01/96- Reno cracking down on fraud in bankruptcy cases

  • 05/12/01- Execution delay being sought for drug kingpin

  • 06/07/01- No racial bias is found in federal death penalty; Ashcroft report cools appeals by Garza

  • 06/08/01- Inmate appeals to Supreme Court; Lawyers cite jury sentencing instructions in request for execution stay

  • 06/17/01- Drug kingpin battles for stay as execution date approaches

  • 11/03/03- Hype low, stakes not in Dynegy fraud case; Former executive's trial to open today

  • 03/25/04- Hype low, stakes high in Dynegy case

  • 05/19/04- Court-martial gives glimpse of military justice; First Iraq prison abuse case opens

  • 09/29/04- British bankers say Texas no place for Enron trial

  • 06/28/06- Bankers seek traveling rights

  • 07/22/06- Judge orders British trio to remain in Houston area

  • 06/23/09- Stanford flies toward Houston via 'Con Air'

The Independent (United Kingdom)

  • 09/30/04- Ex-Natwest Bankers Could Receive 22 Years Each

  • 10/16/04- Judge Backs Extradition Of Natwest Trio To Face Enron Trial

  • 12/16/04- Yukos makes plea to US court in bid to avoid sale

  • 12/31/04- RBS executives could face charges in the Enron scandal

  • 05/25/05- Bankers linked to Enron fraud face extradition

  • 09/04/05- Houston has a problem: the countdown starts at Enron

  • 12/13/05- British executives face the unintended consequences of UK's Extradition Act

  • 02/26/06- Setting sail away from America: The world finds it's too hard to do business with the US

  • 06/23/06- Fast-track extradition treaty in the dock over 'imbalances'

  • 06/28/06- NatWest Three face extradition to US after losing final appeal

  • 11/30/07- NatWest Three: The long arm of US justice

Inside Counsel (U.S.-Illinois)

  • 08/05- U.S. Tries To Extradite British CEO Under Terrorist Act

Interia (Poland)

  • 09/28/09- Mr. McNabb discussed the U.S. extradition request of Roman Polanski who was arrested in Switzerland.

The International Herald Tribune (France)

  • 08/23/06- Where is Charles Taylor's defense?; International justice

Ireland On-Line (Ireland)

  • 09/22/04- Judge: Lynndie England should face court martial

Irish Examiner (Ireland)

  • 01/30/06 D-day for the Bouncing Czech

Jewish Week News (U.S.-New York)

  • 01/26/09 Mondrowitz Extradition Ruling Raising Questions

Kansas City Star (U.S.-Missouri)

  • 07/10/01- Trucker's ordeal highlights drug-sentence debate

Knight Ridder Newspapers (United States)

  • 06/03/04- Bush defends decision to consult lawyer in leak probe

Las Vegas Review-Journal (U.S.-Las Vegas)

  • 08/13/03- POLITICAL CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION: Kenny faces charges

  • 08/29/03- CORRUPTION PROBE: Malone, club owner indicted

  • 08/30/03- Galardi faces at least five years if convicted

  • 09/03/03- San Diego club boss pleads guilty

  • 09/04/03- POLITICAL CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION: Malone enters innocent pleas

  • 09/09/03- Strip club owner is cooperating with federal officials in San Diego

  • 09/25/03- LAS VEGAS FBI: Claim about agents under scrutiny

  • 09/29/03- POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Ashcroft edict's impact on local corruption scandal uncertain

  • 10/26/03- POLITICAL CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION: Galardi pleads guilty in LV

  • 11/05/03- Patriot Act's use surprises many

  • 11/06/03- Council told club changing hands

  • 11/07/03- FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, EXTORTION PROBE: Three indicted on corruption charges

  • 11/07/03- Prosecutors say Kenny will serve prison time

  • 11/19/03- FBI EAVESDROPPING: Court overrules LV judge

  • 01/10/04- Michael Galardi retracting guilty pleas? Someone must be kidding

  • 04/17/04- Bank embezzler returned to China

  • 05/07/04- Kennys purchase $869,000 house

  • 05/16/04- Kenny's finances could be trial issue

  • 06/11/04- LAS VEGAS TOPLESS CLUB: Treasures' owners face Texas tangle

  • 07/29/04- Kenny wants to sell home for $1.25 million

  • 03/06/05- Malone seeks to have San Diego corruption case dismissed

  • 07/19/05- Malone to face pressure to negotiate in LV case

  • 08/14/05- Malone, former commissioners confront a 'super, uphill climb'

  • 04/16/06- POLITICAL CORRUPTION TRIAL: Plea deal's message criticized


  • 05/6/06- Lawyer: Trial 'rehearsal' for upcoming Malone case

  • 05/7/06- Pair might get sent to stay at 'Club Fed'

  • 06/10/06- Prosecutors want ex-commissioners' sentences increased

  • 08/22/06- POLITICAL CORRUPTION: Judge hammers Herrera

  • 08/23/06- POLITICAL CORRUPTION: Some see 'chilling' message

  • 09/14/06- CORRUPTION CHARGES: Malone discussing plea deal

  • 09/15/06- POLITICAL CORRUPTION: Malone plea deal avoids trial

  • 12/06/06- Attorney says Malone to get 41-month term

  • 01/12/07- Prison terms begin today

  • 07/10/07- ETREPPID CASE: Attorneys seek to withdraw

  • 05/13/10- Reid subpoenaed in Blagojevich case

The Lawyer (United Kingdom)

  • 10/11/04- Home Or Away

Legal Affairs (United States)

  • Nov./Dec.2005- Piratical (in reply to "The Dread Pirate Bin Laden")

Long Island Business News (U.S.-New York)

  • 06/17/04- Razmilovic faces a world of pitfalls

  • 06/18/04- Former Symbol Technologies exec. being sought by FBI; rumored to be in Croatia

Los Angeles Times (U.S.-California)

  • 05/22/01-THE NATION

  • 07/09/03- Mexico Turns the Tables on Bounty Hunter; Authorities there declare Andrew Luster's captor a fugitive for missing a court date

  • 05/13/05- U.S. Soldiers, Law Officers Snared in Border Drug Sting

  • 01/31/06- Two Deaths, One Mystery

Macleans (Canada)

  • 11/22/05- Will he stay or will he go?

  • 08/27/07- What about a boat to Cuba?

  • 12/10/07- Why 'sorry' still hasn't entered Conrad Black's vocabulary

  • 12/11/07- And on to the appeal

Mail on Sunday (London)

  • 07/16/06- Gary would come home and his hands would be sweaty. He'd say things like 'banking is really immoral'

Marsh & McLennan FINPRO Focus (United States)

  • August, 2006- Extradition and Directors and Officers Insurance Coverage

Medill News Service (U.S.-Illinois)

  • 06/30/04- What Next for Sentencing Guidelines?

  • 06/01/04- Reaction to the Hamdi and Padilla Opinions

  • 07/16/05- Choosing Execution in Virginia

MetroWest Daily News (U.S.-Massachusetts)

  • 02/3/06- Extradition law could affect Neil

Milford Daily News (U.S.-Massachusetts)

  • 02/10/06- Fighting extradition would be costly for Entwistle

Money Management Executive (currently Source Media) (United States)

  • 04/12/04- Criminally Charged Execs Face Scary Future

The Monitor (U.S.-Texas)

  • 01/23/07- More drug violence expected after 15 extradited to U.S.

  • 10/21/09- Feds: Con man defrauded companies of millions of dollars

The Morning News (U.S.-Arkansas)

  • 08/09/06-Coughlin Faces Sentencing Friday

  • 08/15/06-Government To Keep Tight Rein On Coughlin

  • 09/15/06-Coughlin To Serve Home Detention During Appeal

  • 09/07/06-Coughlin Facing New Kind Of Bored Room

  • 03/13/07-Coughlin Sentence Appeal Headed For Court

  • 03/14/08-Coughlin OK'd To Attend Party

MSNBC (United States)

  • 10/01/03- Mystery shrouds arrest of accused software pirate

News-Gazette (U.S.-Illinois)

  • 02/27/01- Suspect in Kentucky-Based Investment Scam Is Denied Bond

Newsday (U.S.-New York)

  • 06/11/04- Contempt threatened over search for fugitive ex-Symbol chief

  • 06/18/04- Fugitive chief exec plays hide and seek- Officials in many countries seek Tomo Razmilovic, who must face charges of fraud and conspiracy

  • 06/27/04- HIS SWEDISH HAVEN; Fugitive with view; Former Symbol Technologies CEO's 2-year trek across nations has kept him ahead of authorities

News & Observer (U.S.-North Carolina)

  • 09/21/06- Geddings pleads not guilty

  • 10/12/06- What each side in the Geddings trial wants jurors to focus on

News Tribune (U.S.-Washington)

  • 07/18/04- Snared by a cybercult queen; New Age scam combines conspiracy, terrorism, faith, finance and politics - and it's run out of Shelton by a con artist who calls herself Dove of Oneness

New York Post (U.S.-New York)

  • 07/01/04- SYMBOL CEO IS IN U.S. SIGHTS

New York Times (U.S.-New York)

  • 02/09/06- 3 More Convicted in Deaths of Immigrants in a Trailer

  • 06/11/08- Guilty Plea Given in Iraq Contract Fraud

  • 02/22/10- Target Iran's Censors

The Orange County Register (U.S.-California)

  • 10/23/04- Nations split on execution, extradition

The Oregonian (U.S.-Oregon)

  • 06/10/05- Australia wants Patel charged

  • 11/22/06- Australia seeks arrest of Patel

  • Orlando Sentinel Tribune (U.S.-Florida)

  • 06/16/02- Arthur Anderson Found Guilty; After Jurors In Houston Convicted The Acounting Firm Of Obstructing Justice, It Said It Would Stop Auditing Public Companies As Of AUG. 31.

  • 06/17/02- Prosecutors: Anderson Just The Beginning; With The Accounting Firm Convicted, Officials Said They Will Target Others In The Enron Case

  • 08/07/03- 2 Avoid Prison Time In Moon-Rocks Theft

Palm Beach Post (U.S.-Florida)

  • 05/08/04- Justice eludes grieving parents

Philadelphia Daily News (U.S.-Pennsylvania)


Philadelphia Inquirer (U.S.-Pennsylvania)

  • 07/11/04- Museum hired yacht for Fumo

  • 12/13/07- Ex-major accused of bribery in Tobyhanna case

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (U.S.-Pennsylvania)

  • 11/26/05- Russians fear nuclear expert will spill secrets

Pocono Record (U.S.-Pennsylvania)

  • 02/18/06- A Torturing Topic

Polish News Agency (Poland)

  • 09/28/09- Mr. McNabb discussed the Swiss arrest of Roman Polanski based on a U.S. arrest warrant. Mr. Polanski is a dual citizen of Poland and France.

  • 10/23/09- Mr. McNabb discussed the options available to Roman Polanski within the international extradition arena. Mr. Polanski has been arrested and is currently detained in Switzerland based on a request for extradition from the US.

Poughkeepsie Journal (U.S.-New York)

  • 07/21/08- Extraditing foreign fugitives is complex

Prague Post (Czech Republic)

  • 11/24/05- On the run from Czech authorities


  • 09/29/04- UK Bankers Would Not Get Fair U.S. Trial

  • 09/30/04- Date given for UK Enron case

  • 09/30/04- Enron Extradition case set to conclude

Rzeczpospolita (Poland)

  • 03/17/05- Nothing In The Way To Release Mazur

  • 09/28/09- Mr. McNabb discussed the arrest of Roman Polanski based on a U.S. arrest warrant and Interpol Red Notice.

San Antonio Express-News (U.S.-Texas)

  • 04/19/04- White-collar cons tell what led to crimes; Embezzlers say firms should conduct active monitoring programs

San Diego Union Tribune (U.S.-California)

  • 02/06/05- Investigators detail lengthy credit scheme

  • 11/30/05- Bribery probe continues despite lawmaker's guilty plea

  • 11/30/05- 'Overwhelming case' forced Cunningham to accept deal

  • 12/02/05- Bribe probe likely will snare others, experts say

  • 09/16/06- A former Peregrine exec pleads not guilty; Extradition to U.S. created stir in Britain

San Francisco Chronicle (U.S.-California)

  • 10/18/03- Quattrone jury faces deadlock; Mistrial possible -- judge orders jurors to regroup

  • 10/25/03- Mistrial declared in Quattrone case; Jury unable to reach unanimity on all counts

  • 07/22/06-Backdating issue moves to forefront After charging Brocade execs, feds may need to wait awhile

Salt Lake Tribune (U.S.-Utah)

  • 08/18/01- SEC Claims 2 Utahns Took Part in Bond Scam

  • 08/29/01- Attorney Responds To Charges; Claims he was victim of outlaw broker; Attorney Faces Charges Of Fraud

Savannah Morning News (U.S.-Georgia)

  • 05/20/04- Soldier gets maximum in prison abuse court-martial

The Seattle Times (U.S.-Washington)

  • 05/20/04- Husband may hold clues in wife's death; His baby daughter also was slain - Boston businessman in his native England

  • 08/20/07-Ujaama's words may help U.S. win extradition; Radical cleric al-Masri serving time in U.K. prison - Hearings scheduled for late October

The Scotsman (Scotland)

  • 09/30/04- Fraud Charge Bankers 'Will Get Fair Trial in U.S.'

Security Management Online (United States)

  • April 2006- Pinning Down Online Money Laundering

ST. Louis Post-Dispatch (U.S.-Missouri)

  • 04/05/06- Woman pleads guilty to illegal exportation of technology

The Spectator (United Kingdom)

  • 02/25/06- Cowboy justice

Sunday Express (Ireland)

  • 07/16/06- Suicide of banker may wreck US case against NatWest 3;

Sunday Independent (Ireland)

  • 05/28/06- Fugitive Russell set to fight extradition in highest court

Sunday Times of London (United Kingdom)

  • 10/03/04- On Wall Street: Dominic Rushe: NatWest Three may be unseen victims of war on terror

  • 07/09/06-We are being royally shafted

  • 07/16/06-Poor relations

  • 12/16/07-I'm guilty. Can I go home now?

TalCualDigital.com (Venezuela)

  • 05/20/05- The Posada Carriles Case

The Tennessean (U.S.-Tennessee)

  • 03/3/06- Extraditions in boy's death may take years

  • 11/19/08- Volz unlikely to face return to Nicaragua

Texas Lawyer (U.S.-Texas)

  • 01/3/05- Trading With The Enemy

  • 02/08/05- 'Booker' Causes Consternation for Prosecutors and Defense Counsel Alike

The Times Leader (U.S.- Pennsylvania)

  • 08/26/09- Status of judge may undergo challenge

  • 09/8/09- Just what does a grand jury do?

  • 09/10/09- Ex-judges hit with 48 counts

  • 09/11/09- Judges facing more jail time - Racketeering charge added to list

  • 09/17/09- Conahan sold beer biz before his arrest - Records show he sold N.J. beer/wine distributorship he co-owned for $3.4M

  • 02/23/10- Even if acquitted, Patte may lose bar

  • 04/30/10- Conahan likely facing prison

  • 08/19/10- Patte deal lets him keep W-B bar

The Times of London (United Kingdom)

  • 02/22/06- NatWest Three face four years awaiting trial

  • 06/28/06- Bankers could face a year in Houston jail before any trial

Toronto Star (Canada)

  • 08/20/05- He's the ultimate prize

  • 11/22/05- Black expected to skip U.S. court hearing

Vedomosti (Russia)

  • 02/05/06-Shell companies

The Victoria Advocate (Canada)

  • 09/25/04- A former millionaire bookie still could be tried for his wife's fatal shooting despite a Dutch court's refusal to extradite him on that charge, a legal expert says.

Voice of America (United States)

  • 11/14/05- Former Russian Nuclear Official Fighting Extradition to the United States

Western Morning News (United Kingdom)

  • 07/13/06- Britain doesn't have to cringe


    Radio News

    • BBC (Good Morning Scotland)

      • 07/04/05- Mr. McNabb was a guest with Lord Goodheart in a live program discussing the Extradition Act of 2003 and the effect it was having on those charged with white collar crimes.

    • BBC (United Kingdom)

      • 07/09/04- Mr. McNabb discussed the military tribunal system and its flaws including the use of hearsay, secret evidence, and the right to listen in on conversations between the attorney and the accused.

      • 05/24/05- Mr. McNabb was a guest in a live program discussing the Home Secretary's decision to affirm the District Court's decision to extradite the "Nat West Three". Appellate avenues were discussed as well as the unintended effect on white collar defendants under the Extradition Act of 2003.

      • 10/11/05- Mr. McNabb was a guest on BBC Radio 4- File on Four and discussed the opening of the firm's new offices in London and Milano. In that context, Mr. McNabb discussed his role of giving evidence in a London courtroom as an expert witness on US federal criminal law and international extradition. He also discussed the enhancing global position that the US government is taking with regard to federal criminal prosecutions.

      • 03/09/06- Mr. McNabb was on a live broadcast of Today in Parliament with Labour MP Andrew McKinley and Conservative MP Boris Johnson discussing the Extradition Treaty between the U.K. and U.S.

      • 07/08/06- Mr. McNabb was a guest on BBC Radio 4- The Today Programme and discussed the Extradition Act of 2003 as it relates to the "Natwest Three".

      • 07/14/06- Mr. McNabb was a guest on a live call in program discussing the legal exposure that international businessmen have when conducting business in the U.S. relative to international extradition treaties.

    • CBC (Canada-Edmonton)

      • 10/23/06 at 5:10pm est- Mr. McNabb was a guest in a live interview regarding the complexities of international extradition between U.S. and Canada.

    • CBC (Canada-Montreal)

      • 10/23/06 at 5:20pm est- Mr. McNabb was a guest in a live interview regarding the complexities of international extradition between U.S. and Canada.

    • CBC (Canada-Regina)

      • 10/23/06 at 4:40pm est- Mr. McNabb was a guest in a live interview regarding the complexities of international extradition between U.S. and Canada.

    • CBC (Canada-Victoria)

      • 10/23/06 at 5:00pm est- Mr. McNabb was a guest in a live interview regarding the complexities of international extradition between U.S. and Canada.

    • CBC (Canada-Yellowknife)

      • 10/23/06 at 4:30pm est- Mr. McNabb was a guest in a live interview regarding the complexities of international extradition between U.S. and Canada.

    • Denver, CO- KCOL 600AM News Radio (U.S.-Colorado)

      • 06/07/05- Mr. McNabb was a guest on a live talk show and discussed international extradition, deportation, tricking and luring, and kidnapping. Mr. McNabb also made suggestions that the Colorado state prosecutor might want to follow in expediting the return of a Mexican national who is accused of killing a Colorado law enforcement officer. Such suggestions include making contact at the US Embassy in Mexico with the Legat (FBI Agent), Jurat (US Federal Prosecutor), and the Ambassador.

    • Denver, CO- KHOW 630AM News (U.S.-Colorado)

      • 06/06/05- On a live broadcast Mr. McNabb, in addition to Denver's Mayor and District Attorney, discussed the specific problems associated with the extradition of a Mexican citizen from Mexico where Colorado would want to seek either the death penalty or life without parole.

    • Denver, CO- KOA 850AM News Radio (U.S.-Colorado)

      • 06/06/05- On a live news cast, Mr. McNabb discussed the procedures involved in seeking the international extradition of a Mexican citizen, arrested in Mexico, for the alleged killing of a Denver law enforcement officer.

    • Florida (North Central)- WUFT 89.1 Public Radio News (U.S.-Florida)

      • 04/05/05- Mr. McNabb commented on a breaking news story involving a federal criminal investigation of a county jailer who allegedly violated the civil rights of an inmate by severely beating him while detained in a very small one-man jail cell.

    • Hammond, IN- WJOB 1230 AM News (U.S.-Indiana)

      • 02/24/05- On a live, breaking news broadcast, Mr. McNabb discussed the international extradition treaties involving the United States and the countries of Switzerland and Greece. A prominent city councilman who had recently been convicted in federal court of public corruption failed to appear as scheduled at sentencing. It was rumored that he had fled to Switzerland or Greece. Mr. McNabb also discussed Interpol's use of red notices concerning international arrest warrants.

    • National Public Radio (NPR) (United States)

      • 01/30/06- Mr. McNabb was interviewed concerning the Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling case that begins today. The Enron defendants will be selecting the 12 jurors an 4 alternatives today through a process called voir dire. Mr. McNabb discussed the voir dire process, and compared selecting juries in US federal court, as opposed to jury selection in England and the 50 states in the US.

    • New York, NY- WWRL 1600 Legally Speaking (Live, Hour-Long Program) (U.S.-New York)

      • 01/04/05- The Patriot Act was passed to fight terrorism. Mr. McNabb discussed the various ways in which the act has been used to prosecute non-terror related cases as well as its infringement on basic civil rights.

      • 01/10/05- Mr. McNabb discussed international extradition, including irregular renditions such as kidnapping, and luring and tricking.

      • 01/14/05- As an attorney who has exclusively practiced federal criminal defense, Mr. McNabb discussed his displeasure with the Supreme Court's decision in United States v. Booker.

      • 02/10/05- Mr. McNabb compared and contrasted state crimes with federal crimes, transnational crimes and international crimes. An indepth discussion addressed the different types of federal crimes including mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering.

      • 04/20/05- Mr. McNabb discussed specific provisions of the Patriot Act including "sneak and peak", roving wire taps, and access to business and student records. There was also a discussion about the reasons for the erection of the "wall" and its eventual fall. Mr. McNabb cautioned that whether we agree or disagree with the Act's provisions, it is critical to know that an unchecked government is a threat to us all.

      • 07/19/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the issues regarding CIA Agents wanted in Italy for alleged kidnapping.

      • 07/25/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the House's renewal of the expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act.

      • 08/23/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the federal crime of conspiracy. He also discussed differences between conspiracy involving mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, telemarketing fraud, and drug crimes. The host also discussed with Mr. McNabb the concepts of overt acts and withdrawal from a conspiracy.

      • 10/10/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the 16 provisions of the Patriot Act scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2005. He also compared and contrasted the House and Senate bills that are currently in Conference Committee.

      • 10/20/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the inter-relationship between U.S. federal arrest warrants, interpol "red notices" and international extradition.

    • New Zealand National Public Radio (New Zealand)

      • 03/22/08- Mr. McNabb was a guest on Morning Report, a live news program, concerning the international extradition request by New Zealand of a Chineese national arrested in the United States for the murder of his wife.

      • 09/28/09- Mr. McNabb was a guest on Morning Report. He discussed the Swiss arrest of Roman Polanski based on a U.S. Arrest Warrant and Interpol Red Notice.

    • Oregon Public Broadcasting (U.S.-Oregon)

      • 06/21/05- Australia Must Act to Get Patel

    • Pasadena, CA- KPCC 89.3 News (U.S.-California)

      • 07/16/04- Mr. McNabb appeared with NPR Ethicist Randy Cohen to discuss the sentencing of Martha Stewart, which had taken place that morning.

      • 08/31/04- Mr. McNabb appeared with Time Magazine correspondent Vivica Novak to discuss the Guantanamo Bay detainee review procedures to determine enemy combatant status as required by the U.S. Supreme Court. They also discussed the arraignment of the four accused who will be placed on trial before the Military Commission.

    • Pittsburgh, PA- KDKA 1020 (U.S.-Pennsylvania)

      • 07/10/04- Mr. McNabb was a guest for an hour-long program dealing with issues ranging from the recent indictments of highly visible public figures for white collar crimes (Martha Stewart, Enron, Tyco, etc.) to various national security issues such as military tribunals, disclosure of classified information, and the President's appearance before a federal grand jury.

      • 09/18/04- Mr. McNabb discussed issues with regard to Martha Stewart's decision to surrender to federal prison and still pursue her appeal. He also discussed public corruption charges against a local politician and National Security allegations against a former high level State Department official. Mr. McNabb also addressed issues involving Military Tribunal procedures.

    • Seattle, WA- KOMO 1000 News (ABC affiliate) (U.S.-Washington)

      • 07/16/04- Mr. McNabb discussed Martha Stewart's sentencing, which took place that morning.

      • 08/24/04- Mr. McNabb discussed the appearance of Salim Ahmed Hamdan before the first hearing prior to eventual Military Commissions in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    • Warsaw, Poland- RMF FM (Poland)

      • 03/16/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the bilateral extradition treaties between Poland and the United States. A dual citizen of Poland and the U.S. was charged in Poland with ordering the assassination of a polish police chief.

      • 09/28/09- Mr. McNabb discussed the arrest of Roman Polanski in Switzerland pursuant to a U.S. Arrest Warrant and Interpol Red Notice. Mr. Polanski is a dual citizen of Poland and France.

    • Television News

    • BBC Scotland- Frontline (Scotland)

      • 04/20/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the pending international extradition case involving the "Natwest Three." He also discussed the ramifications of UK's Extradition Act of 2003, as well as the appellate process should it be necessary.

    • CBS News-Spokane affiliate (U.S.-Washington)

      • 11/11/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the US extradition request from Ireland of Frederick Russell who fled from his vehicular homicide trial in Washington state 4 years ago. 

      • 04/07/06- Mr. McNabb discussed the ramifications of a delay in the Irish international extradition hearing involving Frederick Russell who has been charged with vehicular homicide out of the U.S.

    • CNN Headline News (United States)

      • 05/14/05- A member of the firm discusses the Iraq abuse scandal and the Sivits Court-Martial in particular.

    • Court TV (United States)

      • 2/10/06-"CATHERINE CRIER LIVE"- Mr. McNabb discussed the international extradition process involving the Massachusetts double murder investigation, and that the "person of interest" is now a "defendant" who voluntarily waived his right to an extradition hearing in the U.K.

    • CTV (Canada)

      • 03/03/08- Mr. McNabb in a live interview discussed Conrad Black's appeal to stay out on bond pending appeal, the Subsequent denial, and has surrender to BOP Coleman, Florida facility.

    • Fox News-National (United States)

      • 10/07/05-"FOX NEWS LIVE WITH BILL HEMMER"- Mr. McNabb appeared live to discuss the espionage case involving the former 21 year Marine who has been charged with accessing classified documents while working in the White House and as an FBI analyst. He is also charged with acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government. (Philippines)

      • 2/02/06- "ON THE RECORD WITH GRETA VAN SUSTEREN"- Within the context of the Neil Entwistle double murder investigation out of Massachusetts, Mr. McNabb discussed the international extradition process involving UK's Extradition Act of 2003 and its interrelationship with Interpol's use of "Red Notices".

      • 02/04/06-"BIG STORY PRIME TIME WITH JAMIE COLBY"- Mr. McNabb discussed the Neil Entwistle double murder investigation out of Massachusetts as it relates to international extradition.

      • 2/09/06- "ON THE RECORD WITH GRETA VAN SUSTEREN"- Mr. McNabb discussed how important it was for the media and the general public to remember that a defendant is presumed to be innocent. This discussion was in light of the significant press coverage that the Neil Entwistle double murder, international extradition case has seen. He also discussed how important it was for Mr. Entwistle's barristers in London to take an aggressive approach at the bail hearing scheduled for Thursday in magistrates court at Bow Street.

    • ICT (United Kingdom)

      • 07/13/06- Mr. McNabb discussed international extradition in general and in particular the long-arm jurisdictional approach that U.S. government prosecutors are taking against international businessmen.

    • STV (Scotland)

      • 07/21/06- Mr. McNabb discussed the international extradition process and its ramifications with international businessmen. He also discussed his reasons for establishing offices in London and Milano to assist in the defense of international extraditions.

    • Sky News (International)

      • 07/14/06- Mr. McNabb was broadcast live to Europe while standing outside the U.S. courthouse awaiting the arrival of the Natwest 3 who were scheduled to make their initial appearances in court after being extradited from London.

      • 07/21/06- Mr. McNabb in a live transmission discussed the Natwest 3 following their initial court appearance on U.S. federal wire fraud charges.

    • Voice of America (United States)

      • 11/11/05- Mr. McNabb discussed the US extradition request from Switzerland of Yevgeny Adamov who is a former Russian Nuclear Power Minister.

      • 09/17/10- A member of the firm discussed the latest US sanctions against Iran and OFAC implications.